Poker Reload Bonus

Starting poker players often misunderstand how online poker works. Beginners might imagine that once you make your first poker deposit his or hers bankroll it only going to increase. Even though, poker is a skill game, luck is a large part of it and whether you want it or not, not all your correct decisions will win you money. Moreover, from the very start when you join an online poker site, you are overwhelmed with bonuses and freerolls offers to help you build your bankroll. But in a few months the deposit bonus ends and you have to get used to the fact that there is no more free money. From now on only what you will bu sweating at the tables will boost your poker account. Actually, not so true.

Poker Reload Bonus Explained

Poker reload bonus is an additional bonus that poker sites do not usually issue on regular basis. The majority of times, this poker bonus if offered as a promotion by the site. But there are also poker sites that allow you to reload a bonus regularly. For example, once a month. The bad news is that Poker Reload Bonuses are much much smaller in comparison to the best poker deposit bonuses you can get when you register at any poker site. For example, what would be 100% up to $600, 100% up to $1000 or even 200% up to $2000 deposit bonuses, a reload would be much less than that.

There are two kinds of reload bonuses. For example, 100% up to $50 and maybe 20% up to $100. Anyways, the principle stays the same. That is either you get a high percentage multiplier but lower maximum sums or smaller percentages but a little more of the maximum poker reload bonus. On rare occasions, when a poker site has a lot to celebrate, say, 10 years in online poker business or some milestone hand is reached, reload bonuses may go up to a few hundred. Keep your eyes peeled for opportunities like these and make these kind of bonuses count!

Why Reload Poker Bonus?

If your poker bankroll in not empty, why reload poker bonus? There can be many reasons to use an online poker reload bonus. You already know that poker is not always sunshine and rainbows. Sometimes you have bad beats, sometimes variance (a fancy word poker players use to describe 'luck') takes over and you lose money. With a smart bankroll management you should be fine but a refill to your poker account simply brings back the business as it used to be. That's why you should make it sure you utilize the opportunities to get free poker money whenever they come.

But there are more reasons to use these moments. You may be on your best winning streak and still you would still find poker reload bonus great. For one, it is still free poker money, right? You keep doing what you do while online poker site gives you more free money. There's another reason, too. Sometimes, poker sites release reload bonuses with additional benefits such as tournament tickets.

Poker sites such as Pokerstars may be the best in terms of these kind of poker reload bonuses. The main reason for that is their popular online poker series MicroMillions, TCOOP, SCOOP, WCOOP and many others. With such selection of online poker series, prizepools of Main Events alone exceeding $1 million tickets become very valuable. That's why when an online poker room you play at offers you to make a small deposit to get a poker reload bonus PLUS a ticket to million worth poker tournament, you always take it.

Reload Bonuses to VIP members

There are also reload bonuses issued not as regular offers or one-time promotions. Some poker sites give away reload poker bonuses to their players for being loyal. For example, some higher VIP tier in a poker site's loyalty program may offer Reload Bonuses. These are not so different from the ones we mentioned above. Usually they are not as impressive as say, deposit bonuses. But free poker money is as valuable as it can be. Plus, being rewarded for your hard work at the tables is always nice. As we said, keep your eyes peeled and make use of the best reload bonuses you find on the net.

If there is anything you think we have missed or you just simply want to make sure something you understand completely, please do not hesitate and contact us. We always appreciate feedback.