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Poker Bonuses

Every Online Poker Room has a deposit bonus while some even have additional bonuses such as reload bonuses, loyalty rewards bonuses and even no deposit bonuses with free cash to start online poker real money tables. They are all designed to do one thing – boost your bankroll and make sure you have enough in order to play and move up the stakes. But bonuses can be very confusing even though they all look the same at first. For instance, you visit a poker room and see that it offers the best deposit bonus 250% up to $600 but you see that some other poker room claims the same and offers 100% up to $2000. Well, what does that mean? Which out of two is really a best online poker bonus?

Do not worry, we will help you with this. Understanding how to choose the best poker bonus at first may be tricky but we guarantee that in the end of this article you will understand all about this and will be able to pick the best poker bonus for you personally.

Recommended Poker Bonuses

Which Poker Bonus is the Best?

Actually, the best poker bonus is the one that perfectly suits you personally. Poker bonuses are all very different that it fits you the best. If you just started playing poker you probably should consider free money aka No Deposit Bonus, but if you have been playing poker for a while and feel you want to move to a new poker room than you should put more attention at First Deposit Bonuses which range in major rooms from $500 to $2500.

The are also Reload Bonuses that some poker sites offer regularly while others as a promotion from time to time. Reload bonuses usually range between 20% and 50% up to $100 or $200. These bonuses are smaller that the ones that are offered with your first deposit but they are very valuable as some online poker rooms give you a reload bonus every month which gives you an opportunity to boost your bankroll with some free poker money while doing the same as you did before – play at the tables and collect points.

Detailed information about bonus types

Similarities among Different Poker Bonuses

The similarities between the bonuses appear once you make a deposit. Because even though 250% up to $600% differs from 100% up to $2000 the procedure is the same. In other words, to be abe to withdraw the bonus money, you first have to clear the bonus (collect a certain amount of poker points for every $1 of the bonus)

The first part is easy. The percentage next to the bonus shows how big your deposit will become as a pending bonus. $100 deposit with a 250% deposit bonus will generate $250 bonus (if you manage to clear it completely you will have $350 in total). The second number next to the bonus determines how high can your bonus be. For example, a 100% up to $600 bonus means that if you deposit $500, your bonus will be $500, but if you make a deposit $600 or $700, the would be the same. So, the best poker bonus you can get is $600.

Differences between Poker Bonuses

The size of the bonus is not the only thing you should take notice. It probably is not even the most important one. Actually, it depends on how much time an individual spends playing online poker and what stakes he is at, but take an example:

You deposit $100 at a poker room which claims to offer the best poker bonus 100% up to $2000 and you make a $100 at another poker room with 250% up to 600%. At the first room your bonus is $100 despite the fact that its best poker bonus reaches $2000. Consequently, the second is smaller bonus, up to $600 but it makes your bonus a $250.

Clearing Your Personal Best Bonus

Once you make a deposit ans sit down at a real money table, you start clearing the poker bonus (collect a certain amount of points for each $1 of the bonus). The clearance rates differ at online poker rooms so be smart and check this before you register. Some poker rooms may offer 2 Poker Points for each $1 in rake you pay at the poker tables while others may offer 17 Points for each $1 in rake. But it does not mean that the first bonus is the worst, while the second one is the best poker bonus. You have to check how many points do you need for your bonus (read Terms and Conditions of the sign-up offer) and compare it to how many points you receive for each $1 in rake.

Other Differences Between Poker Bonuses

Other details things you should take into attention when you want to pick out a deposit bonus are:

  • The time limit to clear the bonus (usually between 30 days to 90 days).
  • The sizes of increments that bonus is cleared (very wide range from $1 at a time to a one full bonus
  • Minimum deposit size (sometimes, for a $500 bonus minimum deposit can be even $200)

So, now you know how to choose a best poker bonus for you personally. Think about it before you make a decision and enjoy your bonus. Make sure you utilize the day limit you have to clear the to make it the best poker bonus you can.