No Deposit Bonuses

Making a free bankroll

'Get €20 free and start your poker career', '$8 No deposit just log in to claim', etc. These and similar slogans are wondering the halls of online gambling (not only). But if you are new to poker, you probably do not know much about rake, points and bonuses. Here we will explain all you should know about no deposit bonuses – its advantages and disadvantages as well as tips on how to choose yourself the very best no deposit poker bonus that will quick start your bankroll.

The idea behind No Deposit Bonuses

What is a no deposit bonus? It is a sum of money that an online poker room gives you free as a sign up bonus. They are ideal for many things. Poker coaches and pros argue that no deposit bonuses are the best thing new players can get. Everybody knows that you do lose some of your money at the beginning when you are learning – that's poker. But why lose your own money? No Deposit bonuses are just perfect for learning and experimenting with different poker games.

Let's say you have been playing online poker for a while but only know how to play Texas Hold'em. There are other types of poker that you might want to learn – Omaha, Stud, etc. It may not be the best thing to risk your own money in learning other types of poker or experimenting with new poker strategies. Why not sign up for a free no deposit bonus at some poker room and learn the game this way. You would have nothing to lose so you could focus more on learning rather than being scared to lose.

How do No Deposit Bonuses work?

A no deposit bonus is an amount of money poker room gives you to try out the game risk free. It is not any kind of a try out – you get to use all the software, all the stakes and all the poker tournaments. To get the no deposit bonus you most often do not even need no debit or credit cards.

Once you sign up – you get to use you no deposit bonus the way you like. But you must sign up with a specific no deposit bonus code because sometimes the same online poker room gives away no deposit bonuses as well as deposit match bonuses.

However, online poker rooms seek to save themselves from fraudulent players that register only to get free money. That's why there are some restrictions. For example, there is a set limit of points you need to collect in a certain amount of days or there is a deposit restriction before you may withdraw, etc. But that does not change the fact of how important and useful can actually free no deposit poker bonuses be.

You get to sign up for free and get money to play poker with no deposit required. Moreover, you do not risk anything. You do not give anyone your credit cards number, you do not have to make a deposit, etc. Even if you do not succeed in building your bankroll with the free poker bonus you got or in case do did not like the software, you simply can not return to that poker room anymore.

Why good?

  • Real competition – you play against real money players not Play money.
  • Real money - everything you win is yours!
  • Free money – no risk involved. Use the free bonus you got at any games, at any stakes you like.
  • Perfect to experiment – learn the game, try out a new strategy
  • Indication of a loose poker room – these sites generate more traffic at micro-stakes and usually the players are loose with the free no deposit bonus they just received.

Things requiring attention

  • Even best no deposit bonuses can not even be compared to the size of what could your Deposit Match bonus be
  • Can't play at New Depositors' Freerolls when you join
  • Sometimes there are more requirements to withdraw a no deposit bonus than a match bonus.

Keep in mind, that no deposit bonuses may give you a few, a ten or maybe even fifty dollars absolutely free. If you have played poker before and you do have some money to make a deposit you should consider match deposit bonuses. The amount of free money you get via no deposit poker bonus will never be as massive as match deposit bonuses grow – up to hundreds and even thousands of free bonus money.

Also, some sites offer very profitable New Depositors' tournaments that are available exclusive depositors for a limited time after they sign-up.

The best no Deposit Bonuses in 2013

Know your bonus codes – it is your key to getting the best terms in signing up for a No Deposit Bonus. The best no deposit bonuses are available in a few poker rooms but different bonus codes may make all the difference. The same online poker room may give you a choice between a no deposit bonus and a deposit match bonus. The bonus code you register with will determine what kind of deposit bonus you will sign up for.

For example, PKR Poker has three bonuses that a poker player may pick. He can choose a FREE $5 Instant bonus which may not qualify as a no deposit bonus (you need a deposit) but is better than a deposit bonus as you get FREE $5 bonus with no requirements. The other two are 100% deposit bonuses that will match your bonus by up to 125%.

Sometimes even the same online poker room has various No Deposit Bonuses. That's one more reason for knowing the best no deposit poker bonuses. For example, the regular no deposit bonus at Poker770 is $7.70 plus you get $10 to splash at Poker770 Casino. But we have the best no deposit bonus code for this online poker room. Register with bonus code news50en to get the FREE $50 No deposit.

Thinking about a No Deposit Bonus?

We give you the best no deposit bonus codes for 2013:
get $50 FREE Party Poker bonus with no deposit requirements. Use bonus code PNFREE50
get $50 FREE Poker770 bonus with no deposit requirements. Use bonus code NEWS50EN
get $5 Instant PKR Poker Bonus


At the moment, these are the bonuses available but we are in constant negotiations with the best online poker rooms so the updates of the deals will come regularly.