Biggest Poker Sites

Living in today's world may sometimes give an impression that the rule we live by is the bigger something is, the better. It is visible by the fast food tendencies, by the cars we drive, etc. This is also clear in today's poker world with the biggest bonus offers being so popular. The biggest poker sites are mostly about the traffic that allows poker players grind multi-table online poker at any time of the day no matter whether you are in the Far East, Canada or Australia. But being among the biggest online poker sites in the world has its disadvantages as well as advantages. Here we will observe the most important issues concerning the biggest poker sites.

Before we begin, let's look at the biggest and most popular poker sites in terms of traffic

The list of the biggest poker rooms in the online world has been starting the same since 2006 – Pokerstars is by far the leader on that list. This online poker room has the biggest team of pros, they generate the most traffic and they run the largest poker tournaments in online poker. In fact, the statistics show whopping 60% lead in from f any other poker site.

Recent news has shifted online poker world quite a bit. On 18 December, 2013 Bwin Poker and Party Poker officially merged their player pools. If estimates will prove to be true, Bwin.Party Poker Network will become the second biggest poker network in the world. Moreover, the future may see them expand even further as Bwin.Party were among the first ones to acquire operating licenses in the U.S. and now they have even made a deal with Zynga Poker to offer real-money games in U.K.!

iPoker Network including such poker rooms like Titan Poker and Poker770 also hold their Top 5 spot, too. They have plenty of good-value tournaments and promotions but the real driving force that keeps a steady player flow is the FREE $50 No Deposit bonus available at Poker770 regularly.

The advantages of playing online poker at one of the biggest poker sites are evident. But there are disadvantages, too. To some people disadvantages outweigh the advantages but these are individual issues so all we will try is to list the possible disadvantages you may want to think about as you may encounter in the poker playing career.

  • Larger player pools at MTT's
  • More competition at the Weekly/Monthly Leaderboards
  • Takes more time to collect sufficient hand samples on your opponents

There are quite minor and player-specific disadvantages and sometimes bigger prize pools make up for the larger player pools. For example, take into account Pokerstars Sunday Million where around 6.000 people enter the tournament every time and about 10% walk away with money. However, players agree that sometimes it is easier to win a couple of dollars in a $50 Freeroll at an independent poker room than to win a $0.50 in $5000 Freeroll in an online poker room that generates the highest traffic.

The last note we mentioned was about hand samples. If you are using some kind of poker statistics software that collects hand histories this point is really important. Especially when talking about microstakes. It is great that there are a ton of tables open and players can even 24-table. However, since microstakes have a very high frequency of players going up the stakes or, in other words, very few poker players stay at the same stakes for long therefore due to ever-changing player base it is often hard to collect a sufficient sample size on your opponents that would help you make better decisions at the tables.

All in all, playing at some of the largest poker sites in the world has its advantages and disadvantages for both: cash game players and multi-table tournament players. Probably the ones to profit the most are the Sit and Go players as they play in fixed-size player pool games and the high traffic allows them to open a maximum amount of tables at any time of the day.

The biggest poker sites should really fit the players living outside of Europe as much of the action nowadays is spinning in the after work hours in Europe while the biggest poker sites like Pokerstars actually have sufficient traffic to allow players from East Asia or Canada put in the same hours, the same volume as they wish.

Even though bigger poker room is not exactly a better poker room, there's probably more advantages to making an account at the poker rooms with the highest traffic. But do not forget to also to see the differences between poker bonuses, promotions and other the other similar things because when you have to decide between two poker rooms, the size rarely determines it final choice.