Best Poker Training Sites

Poker training is essential in order to keep o on moving forward in your poker career. There are lots of means in achieving this whether you are searching for free ways to improve in poker or you can pay for the poker training services. In this article we will look at the best online poker training sites that provide free as well as paid training and are widely recognized as quality sites. Also, we will list a couple of brand new poker training sites that may not be as popular yet but certainly have lots of potential.

Best Poker Training Sites

If you are looking for some of the best poker training sites, you have found a perfect place. We have attached a list of the most popular poker training sites below but you should know that there is no such this as an ultimately best training site. Some companies fit perfectly those who play High Stakes, while others are perfect for micro stakes. Moreover, when online poker can offer so many different poker games from traditional No Limit Holdem to PLO and Stud variations in Hi/Lo versions, etc. one poker training site cannot specialize in all of the areas. So, the most important variable in choosing site to learn online poker strategies is actually YOU.

Ask yourself a few questions before you sign up at online poker training site:

  • Do I really need poker training?
  • Can I pay for my lessons? How much can I pay?
  • What is my favorite game to play?

These are the most important things you have to consider because if you decide to pay for your online poker education. Keep in mind that in many cases it is not cheap. Especially for a beginner player. On the other hand, internet is overfilled with information nowadays so anyone who is serious enough about his online poker training can find all the information for free. Surely, poker training coach gives you a sort of a filter that only the best information reaches your eyes and ears.

But remember, poker training videos do not work for everybody. You may find that one-on-one sessions are much better for you rather than watching videos at a poker training site. Of course, hiring a poker coach may cost a bit more and it is limited to a few hours per week at the time when your coach has time (we are not talking about live poker training sessions). Poker training sites allow you to watch poker videos, download and watch them again at any time you are free yourself. So, we will begin with a couple of free poker training sites that will be useful for beginners while we will also mention some of the best poker training sites that cost to sign up at.

Free Poker Training

Never underestimate the quality of the free poker lessons as very often this teaching material is created by the poker players/coaches who strive to be signed by some poker training site. Moreover, with so much accessible information you can find out everything about the coach before you watch his training videos. These free coaches play poker and publish free poker training videos via social networks, their own poker training sites, etc.

Much of the poker training related material can be easily found on YouTube. Official Poker sites, amateur poker players to professionals, even poker training sites sometimes upload their videos in order to attract more customers – use the free poker training material you can get as when you move up at least a bit, you will find no problem paying full price at popular poker training sites.

And to begin your individual poker training in order to get the basics you can always check out the classic book s like Doyle Brunson's 'Super System', David Sklansky “Theory of Poker”, etc. It is essential to give lots of attention in establishing the basics before moving forward. To some this may actually seem like a good path to follow. No matter what you choose, remember that we are all individuals and whatever works for you best, you must use it. If you feel that paying for poker training videos would be better for you than starting of slow, do it. Some sites are quite cheap to start of while others may even give you a few days of trial testing. Below we give you a few sites that many would consider as some of the best training sites.

Best Poker Training Sites

Best poker training sites means that these are the sites that the poker community has been recognized, loved and came back again and again. Among coaches you will find players that have been proven to play profitably in a long run (million in hands played and in dollars won). Also, these training sites have active communities chatting in the forums, sharing hand histories and stories of success and failure. That's essential for a good training site.

• LeggoPoker
• CardRunners
• DeucesCracked
• Bluefire Poker
• Drag the Bar

New Poker Training Sites

Quite a few poker sites that focus on poker strategies have recently opened but you would probably recognize two very special ones among all of these online poker training sites. We are of course talking about IveyPoker and RunitOnce. The first one is a site of probably the best poker player in the world Phil Ivey while the second is a creation of a no less famous and significant online poker player to the whole community. That's poker pro's Phil Galfond's poker site.

Both sites were opened in 2012. The names behind these sites helped them a lot to establish their player base but time has to pass to show whether these brand new training sites will be as big of an influence to poker world as the individuals that stand behind them.


Best training sites are not about the names behind them, not about the amount of videos they produce every day. Best poker training sites provide quality content and not necessary trainers have to include Phil Ivey (although, it does not hurt). Moreover, make sure the community of the poker training site you choose is really buzzing. For example, if you are interested in Heads-up Sit and Go's, check out whether there are a lot of people talking in the forum of the poker site about their experience with HUSNG.

A best training site is its monthly price, quality content, buzzing community and helpful trainers and coaches. Plus, some training sites even give you cheaper deals on poker training software so it is always a special treat. As a closing note we just want to encourage to search for the very best training site no matter if you have to change it every other month – quality online poker training will payoff in the end. We promise.

If you have some questions or comments, or consider this article about poker training sites to lack any piece of information that might be helpful to others, don't hesitate to contact us and we will be more than glad to sort out all these issues.