The Best Poker Software

To be the best, you need the best poker software!

Today's poker is rapidly changing. When online poker was launched no one could even imagine that such a concept like grinding so soon will become that popular and features like multi tabling will reach its peak (multitasking – playing more than one table at a time). Some online poker players nowadays play as much as 24 tables at a time but for ultimate multi tabling challenge check out Randy Lew's Guinness Record 8 hour multitasking session in 2012.

When multi tabling the more tables you launch, the harder it gets to follow your opponents' actions until you reach the point when all you manage to do is make quick decisions based almost solely on your hole cards. Everybody knows that poker is a game where the action largely depends on your opponent; that's why to compensate different companies introduced various pieces of software that does all the math for you that keep an eye on your opponents' stats, etc. In order to be the best, you need the best software.

The Best Poker Software for Tracking Progress

Usually, this kind of poker software if available with a free trial while some companies even offer free poker software versions to track your progress. Whichever you choose remember that this is the best poker software you will ever need and it is essential for you to have it. One thing to always remember – paying to get the best poker software pays off with your poker results. Especially, if you multitable more that four tables at a time.

The necessity to have poker software to track your progress has been rapidly increasing. And there is a reason behind this – it does help! You get to quickly sort your progress in sessions, see and replay all your hands, check out how are you doing against certain players, find and plug your leaks, etc. It is by far the best software you can get to play poker online. Plus, there are software specifically for Texas Holdem and Omaha.

The Best Poker Software to Train

If you do not feel comfortable at certain situations playing poker you might want to try another piece of poker software – a poker trainer. It may be very costly to experiment at a poker table, while at play money tables most of the poker players do not take the game seriously enough. That's why a poker trainer is the best program in this situation. The great thing about it is that most of the top online poker sites do have some kind of these trainers and offer them for free. For example, Party Poker has one of the best poker trainers – quick and simple. It shows the recommended action by percentage in certain situations, your hand value but allows you to make the decisions and follow your balance of the training session.

The Best Poker Software to Calculate Your Pot Odds

Some online poker rooms have integrated pot odds calculators – a tool that helps you make your poker decisions profitable in the long run by showing what pot odds you get to make a certain decision. In basic language, it if you have to call $10 to a $100 pot you are getting 1 to 10 pot odds. In certain situations it is profitable to call while in other - it is not. Even though it is not hard to calculate your pot odds, having a poker software that does that math is the best thing for you. Especially if you multitable. So if your poker site does not offer one, take your time in finding the best poker software that does calculate pot odds for you.

It is a legit way to improve your game and you should seriously consider it. In live games you get couple of minutes to think about your decisions, while in online poker there might be as little as 10 or 15 seconds to act. That's why investing in best poker software with a pot odds calculator will pay you off in a long run.

It is not easy to becoming the best poker player and moving up the stakes. Even at micro stakes the games have toughen up quite a bit because there are so many articles and videos to learn from, so many different types of poker software that you can utilize. So do not miss this chance. Why be behind of the technology when you actually can use poker software on your PC's and Mac's as well as all your mobile devices. Make time to find the best poker software that fits you best and enjoy your ride up the limits.